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Daily Habits to Cope with Arthritis Foot Pain

Arthritis Foot Pain Frazier Foot and Ankle Center

Arthritis in any of the joints is painful to deal with, but having this condition develop in your foot can be especially difficult. You rely on your feet for movement, and yet every twist and turn may mean pain for you. With a few helpful tips, you may be able to see relief for your arthritis foot pain. It’s a good idea to first come in to see your foot doctor for treatment to ensure the best possible care is provided to minimize the worsening of the condition. Then, consider these tips for reducing your pain each day.

Keep moving each day

The longer you sit still, the more pain you will have in your joints. It may not sound logical to move when you are suffering, but doing so can help to reduce much of the stiffness you have in the long term. It is a good idea to try to get up and move every hour to help keep your foot joints as loose as possible.

Don’t push yourself, but stretch, too

Another key tip to reduce pain is to keep stretching. Stretching out your foot, moving around your toes and ankle, and stretching the muscles in your calves can help to reduce much of the stiffness you feel as well. Even if you have moderate or reduced foot pain, just stretching your feet while sitting can help to get the blood flowing sooner. You also want to ensure you do this to keep full range of motion possible in your ankle and joints.

Maintain good posture

In many situations, posture is the culprit to pain and weakness. Yet, you can control your posture. To do so, you’ll want to sit with your back straight, walk with your back aligned with your hips, and ensure that each step falls evenly. It is a good idea to address any posture problems with your doctor as well. Small differences in the way you walk and move can create significant changes, creating back pain.

Reduce your weight if possible

Decreasing your weight slightly can help to minimize the pain and soreness you have. It can also help minimize the worsening and complications from arthritis. However, you also have to minimize strain. For this reason, make small changes in your day-to-day lifestyle, such as:

The most effective method of weight loss is management — small changes made daily will help you.

Avoid actions that worsen pain

There are various ways to worsen your arthritis pain. One of the most common is to overuse or do too much. Know your limits instead. The goal here is not to just deal with the pain the next day but to avoid causing too much stress.

It is also helpful to avoid:

What else you can do to improve your pain and daily life

Arthritis is a condition that can worsen over time. Many people will never have full pain control through medication. It’s best, then, to look for ways to reduce the pain you have. Here are a few examples:

Living with arthritis pain? Allow our team to offer guidance and help

At any point in your life, it’s important to work closely with a team of professionals who can help you reduce your arthritis pain. You don’t have to just cope with it on your own. Allow our team to help you. Book at an appointment with the Frazier Foot and Ankle Center to learn more about how we can help you.

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