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Ankle Fracture Specialist

Michael J Frazier, DPM -  - Podiatrist

The Frazier Foot and Ankle Center

Michael J Frazier, DPM

Podiatrist located in Cypress, TX

Having an ankle fracture can lead to chronic ankle instability and discomfort if you don’t get proper treatment. With the help of board-certified podiatrist Michael Frazier, DPM, PA, at The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center, you can recover from your broken ankle and get back to your regular activities. If you have an ankle fracture, schedule an evaluation at this Cypress, Texas-based clinic today. You can either request an appointment online or call the clinic directly.

Ankle Fracture Q & A

What causes an ankle fracture?

Your ankle joint has a lot of pressure on it all the time. After all, your ankle is responsible for providing stability and support with each step you take, all while bearing the brunt of your body weight. Your ankle is where your shinbone (tibia), smaller lower leg bone (fibula), and small bone above your heel (talus) all come together.

As durable as your ankle bones may be, you can easily damage any of them with one wrong move. You can suffer from an ankle fracture due to:

  • Landing incorrectly after jumping or while going downstairs
  • Having a personal injury, such as a trip and fall
  • Rolling or twisting your ankle

You’re also more likely to suffer from an ankle fracture if you have osteoporosis, or if you’ve previously had an ankle fracture.

Are there symptoms of an ankle fracture?

Yes, and the symptoms often mimic a sprained ankle, so it can be difficult to tell which injury you have until you have some X-ray imaging. When you come into The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Frazier spends time evaluating your symptoms, which may include:

  • Tenderness to the touch
  • Bump or visible bone protrusion
  • Swelling, inflammation, or bruising
  • Inability to bear weight on the affected ankle

Plus, when your ankle injury occurs, you may feel (or hear) a popping or snapping sensation. Because immediate treatment is essential for properly setting your bone and preventing future ankle instability issues, it’s important to head to The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center if you suspect you have an ankle fracture.

How is an ankle fracture treated?

Treating your ankle fracture may begin with setting or properly realigning your bone. For minor to moderate fractures, Dr. Frazier might be able to perform this step right in the office. If you have a complex ankle fracture, though, you could need surgery, so Dr. Frazier can use pins, plates, or screws to stabilize your ankle bones while they heal.

In any case, with an ankle fracture, you’re probably also going to need:

  • Casting, bracing, or splinting
  • Anti-inflammatory or pain medications
  • Weight-bearing and stretching exercises after your bone heals

Dr. Frazier treats your current injury and helps you rebuild your ankle strength, so you won’t have to worry about a reinjury or chronic ankle instability.

Book your ankle fracture exam at The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center as soon as your injury occurs. Schedule online or over the phone.