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Total Ankle Replacement Specialist

Michael J Frazier, DPM -  - Podiatrist

The Frazier Foot and Ankle Center

Michael J Frazier, DPM

Podiatrist located in Cypress, TX

If you suffer from debilitating ankle pain, have severe arthritis, or have been through serious trauma, you might need a total ankle replacement. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Michael Frazier, DPM, PA, of The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center, uses the most advanced and effective total ankle replacement methods to restore your full ankle function. Find out if a total ankle replacement is right for you by scheduling an evaluation at this Cypress, Texas-based practice. Book online or over the phone.

Total Ankle Replacement Q & A

Why do I need a total ankle replacement?

In most cases, a total ankle replacement — also known as a total ankle arthroplasty — is the absolute last resort for restoring your ankle function. You might be a candidate for this type of surgery if you have:

  • Decreased ankle function or range of motion
  • Severe bone and tissue damage from arthritis
  • Irreparable bone damage due to trauma

A total ankle replacement might also be essential if you’ve tried conservative therapies, such as physical therapy, bracing, and anti-inflammatory medications, to no avail.

What happens during total ankle replacement surgery?

Because Dr. Frazier is board certified in foot and ankle surgery and stays abreast of the latest orthopedic solutions, he specializes in cutting-edge total ankle replacement procedures. In most cases, he performs the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement by Stryker®, also known as the STAR™ technique.

The STAR ankle procedure involves covering up the lower bone of your ankle joint (talus), as well as covering the bottom of your shin bone (tibia). Dr. Frazier then implants the state-of-the-art STAR mobile-bearing artificial joint, which is made of medical-grade polyethylene plastic and provides seamless and natural joint function.

Your entire total ankle replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia, often with a nerve block to minimize discomfort after your procedure. The entire procedure is safe and is known for drastically improving your ankle function.

How long is the recovery after a total ankle replacement?

After total ankle replacement surgery, you’re going to need to stay off your foot for several days. You might need to spend 1-3 nights in the hospital to get round-the-clock care and support.

Once your surgical wounds heal, which can take 2-3 weeks, Dr. Frazier gets you started on gentle range-of-motion activities and non-weight-bearing exercises. In most cases, depending on how quickly you heal, you’re back to full weight-bearing walking and standing activities as quickly as 4-6 weeks after your STAR procedure.

If you’re an athlete or are wanting to get back to your normal exercise routine, Dr. Frazier works with you to gradually get back into training as soon as possible once you’re able to start bearing weight on your ankle.

Schedule your total ankle replacement exam at The Frazier Foot & Ankle Center today. You can either request an appointment online or call the clinic directly.